Zhidong Xiao

Dr Zhidong Xiao

  • Principal Academic in Computer Animation
  • Weymouth House W247, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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Dr. Xiao is currently a Principal Academic and the Programme Leader of BA(Hons) Computer Visualisation and Animation programme at National Centre for Computer Animation, Faculty of Media and Communication. Dr. Xiao's research interests are in the areas of Character Animation, Machine Learning, Motion Synthesis, Physics-based Simulation, Virtual Reality and Robotics. Dr. Xiao has supervised six PhD students and three of them have successfully completed their research degrees. Working as principal investigator, Dr. Xiao has developed various enterprise activities. Dr. Xiao had successfully secured and completed a few commercial projects of 3D animation production and motion capture services for companies from China and in the UK. Working as co-investigator, Dr. Xiao has helped the team to secure and complete various research council funded projects.

Journal Articles

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PhD Students

  • David Greer, 2016. Lifelike character control in commercial physics engines
  • Oliver Gingrich, 2016. Immersion and Interactivity in Telepresence
  • Alexandros Gouvatsos, 2017. 3D storyboarding for modern animation
  • Tom Matko. Fluid Simulation
  • Simone Barbieri. Character Posing by Sketch-based Interaction
  • Michelle Wu. Human character motion reconstruction through machine learning

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Computer Animation and Effects Common
  • Personal Inquiry
  • Fundamentals of Computer Graphics

Profile of Teaching UG

  • MasterClasses
  • Major Project and Report
  • Advanced VFX Techniques
  • Technical Effects
  • Advanced Animation Techniques

Invited Lectures

  • Visual Effect Techniques in Computer Animation, Wuhan Business University, 15 May 2017 more
  • Data Visualisation, Communication University of China, 21 Oct 2015 more
  • Computer Animation Education at NCCA, Wuhan University of Technology, 17 May 2017 more
  • Computer Animation and Visual Effects, British Council Beijing, 23 Oct 2015 more
  • Computer Animaiton Education and Research at NCCA, Hangzhou, China, 26 Apr 2017 more


  • Understanding visual strategies for Neuro-feedback analysis (Bournemouth University Fusion Investment Fund and Centre of Digital Entertainment research Fund, 01 Aug 2014). Completed
  • Rehabilitation Enhancement by Image Guided medical intervention and Motion Capture (Bournemouth University Fusion Investment Fund, 01 Aug 2013). Completed
  • Cross-Channel Film Lab (Interreg, 01 Mar 2012). In Progress
  • Digital Beijing Opera Project (Beijing New Media College, 10 Apr 2010). Completed
  • Behavioural Fidelity of Visual Humans and Applications to Social Pstchology of Street Violence (EPSRC, 01 Aug 2008). Completed

External Responsibilities

  • EPSRC, Peer Review (2016-)

Internal Responsibilities

  • Global Engagement Lead, Global Engagement
  • Academic Adviser, CAAG Group
  • PGR supervisor, PRG Research Committee
  • Programme Leader - BA(Hons) Computer Visualisation and Animation, Computer Animation Academic Group
  • Internal Developing Coach, Organisational and Staff Development


  • PhD in Computer Graphics (Bournemouth University, 2010)
  • BEng (Hons) in Thermodynamics (Taiyuan University of Technology, China, 1994)
  • PGCE in Education Practice (Bournemouth University, 2010)
  • PGCE in Research Degree Supervision (Bournemouth University, 2011)


  • ACM SIGGRAPH, Member (2012-),
  • BU Coaching Community, Member (2014-),
  • Centre for Digital Entertainment, PRG Supervisor (2010-),
  • Computer Graphics and Visualisation Research Group, Member,
  • Higher Education Academy, Fellow (2011-),
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