Louise Oliver

Dr Louise Oliver

  • Senior Lecturer in Social Work
  • Bournemouth Gateway Building BG501, St Pauls Lane, Bournemouth, BH8 8GP
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I am a lecturer with the social work team. I teach on both the qualifying and post-qualifying programmes. I am also, a qualified social worker who has predominantly worked in children's and families within local authorities. My interests are in child-to-parent violence and abuse, familial problematic communication, with a focus upon secrets and secrecy. As well social work practice education, with a focus upon innovative pedagogical tools and also critical reflection.

Journal Articles

  • Oliver, L., Stephens, C. and Shakespeare, S., 2022. Shhhh! Can You Keep a Secret?»: Reflecting upon the experience of working with «secret keepers» in social work. Relational Social Work, 6 (2), 71-84.
  • Oliver, L., 2021. Child-to-Parent Violence and Abuse: why families need to open up when the nation locks down. The Sociological Observer, Remaking Social Futures through Biographic, Narrative and Lifecourse Approaches: Story-Making and Story-Telling in Pandemic Times (3), 61-67.
  • Oliver, L. and Fenge, L.A., 2020. Child-to-Parent Violence and Abuse: Navigating the Ethical Line When Involving Children in Biographic Research. Ethics and Social Welfare, 14 (4), 443-450.


  • Oliver, L. and Lee, S., 2020. Working With Disabled Children and Young People. In: Parker, J. and Ashencaen Crabtree, S., eds. Human Growth and Development in Children and Young People Theoretical and Practice Perspectives. Policy Press.

Internet Publications


Profile of Teaching PG

  • Working with Risk and Complexity in Social Work
  • Previous Units: Law, Social Policy, Values and Ethics in Social Work

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Working with Risk and Complexity in Social Work
  • Previous Unit: Critical Literature Review
  • Previous Unit: Working with Children and Families

Conference Presentations

  • British Sociological Societies Auto/biography Christmas conference., “it’s not research, it’s just stories: An exploration into the triumphs and challenges of biographic research’. [film], 14 Dec 2018, London
  • BSA A/B Group: Past and Present Lives, ‘Auto/biography: A short film: “It’s not research, it’s just stories”: an exploration into the challenges and triumphs of biographic research’, 07 Dec 2018, Friends House, London, UK
  • BSA Auto-Biographical Study Group Summer Conference, Using the familiar to understand the unfamiliar., 19 Jul 2018, Oxford University


  • PhD in Child-to-parent violence and abuse (Bournemouth University, 2018)
  • PG Diploma in Social Work (Step Up To Social Work (BU), 2017)
  • MA in Practice Development (Bournemouth University, 2010)