Laura Iannuzzi

Dr Laura Iannuzzi

  • Senior Lecturer In Midwifery
  • A4031, St Marys PORTSMOUTH
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PhD, PgCert Ed., MSc, PgCertClinOrg, BMid, RM, FHEA.

Senior Lecturer (Academic) in Midwifery, NIPE Lead, Examination of the Newborn (EXON) CPD joint course lead, Clinical Skills Lead and Race Equality Network Co-chair at Bournemouth University.

Registred and practising midwife since 2001, with experience in several settings of care (e.g. community, tertiary hospital, birth centre).

Most of her clinical practice was performed at Careggi University Hospital in Florence (Italy), from 2004 to 2019 with different appointments:

August 2016 to September 2019: Midwife Leader (responsible of the Unit) Physiological Pregnancy Pathway and Margherita Birth Centre

April 2016- August 2016: Organisational Position for development, implementation and evaluation of standards of care and clinical research

2011- April 2016: Midwife ‘DS professional’ (a midwife committed to improve evidence-based practice, implementing research guidelines and protocols). Doctoral leave from October 2011 to October 2014 for PhD in Health Studies, the University of Nottingham...


Journal Articles

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  • Maternity spaces and integral human development in a maternal health center in a peri-urban setting in Kenya. A pilot study (Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies, University of Notre Dame, 23 Jun 2021). In Progress