Maxine Gee

Dr Maxine Gee

  • Principal Academic in Screenwriting
  • Weymouth House W213, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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Maxine is the Programme Leader of the BA in Scriptwriting for Film and Television. She is an internationally produced playwright, whose stage adaptation of Sherlock Holmes and the Speckled Band has been performed in both York, England and Sydney Australia. As a screenwriter, her work includes the medieval webseries Tales of Bacon and science fiction short films Terminal, developed from her PhD practice screenplay and Standing Woman, adapted from a short story by acclaimed Japanese author Yasutaka Tsutsui. Her screenplays have also placed in a variety of international screenwriting competitions.

Maxine completed her PhD by Creative Practice in Screenwriting, titled 'Posthuman Noir: Creating Positive Posthumans in 2017. Her research interests include posthumanism, science fiction film and television, film noir, Japanese anime, adaptation screenwriting, playwriting and the webseries.

Journal Articles

  • Gee, M., 2023. Women as witness, victim and villain: multifaceted role-play in Fatal Frame II. Journal for cultural research.
  • Gee, M., 2022. Golems Inc. Sightlines: Filmmaking in the Academy.
  • Gee, M., 2017. Comics Inside Out: An Interview with Elena Vitagliano. East Asian Journal of Popular Culture, 3 (1).
  • Gee, M., 2016. “Rediscovering our Humanity - How the posthuman noir anime, Darker Than Black, subverts the tropes of film noir to reaffirm a humanist agenda.”. Cinema: Journal of Film and Philosophy, 7, 131-148.
  • Gee, M., 2015. It’s Alive: An Introduction to Writing for the Screen. FOCUS, British Science Fiction Association Magazine for Writers, 18-26.


  • Gee, M., 2022. A Creative Pilgrimage: negotiating authenticity, creativity and budget in the medieval web series Tales of Bacon. In: Taylor, S. and Batty, C., eds. The Palgrave Handbook of Script Development. Palgrave Macmillan, 47-57.


Internet Publications


  • Gee, M., 2018. Posthuman Noir: Creating Positive Posthumans. PhD Thesis. University of York, Department of Theatre, Film and Television.



  • Gee, M.. Sherlock Holmes and the Speckled Band. Site specific stage play. Treasurer's House, York and Ripley Castle, North Yorkshire. 14-29 November 2013.
  • Gee, M.. Kagome, Kagome. Theatre production. Krumbs Kitchen, York. 1-4 January 2016.
  • Gee, M.. Sherlock Holmes and the Speckled Band. Stage play. Genesian Theatre, Sydney, Australia. 7 April-12 May 2018.


Profile of Teaching PG

  • Storytelling - MA framework - Introduction to key elements of screen storytelling and practice research methodologies

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Film Story Structures - BA Film (Level 5)
  • Production Design - BA Film (Level 5)
  • Principles of Storytelling - BA Film (Level 4)
  • Scriptwriting Fundamentals - BA Media Production (Level 4)
  • Major Project - BA Scriptwriting for Film and Television (Level 6)
  • Concept and Project Development - BA Scriptwriting (Level 6)
  • The Professional Scriptwriter - BA Scriptwriting (Level 4)
  • Graduate Script Project - BA Scriptwriting (Level 6)
  • Developing Original Narratives - BA Scriptwriting (Level 5)

Invited Lectures

  • Bournemouth University, 13 Nov 2019 more
  • Writing the Webseries, UC Riverside, Palm Desert Graduate Center, 01 Dec 2018 more
  • HRC Training Session: Beyond the PhD, University of York, 01 Mar 2018 more
  • Cracking the Posthuman Program, Leeds Art Gallery, 09 Jan 2016 more


  • An Investigation into Japanese Screenwriting Methods (Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science, 09 Jun 2015). Completed

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • Rise of the Robot (21 Apr 2023)
  • Which One of Us Is Human (22 Oct 2022)
  • Robot or Human? You decide (16 Jun 2018)

Conference Presentations

  • Don't Keep the Wicker Man Waiting: Folk Horror Fifty Years After the Wickerman, A Part, A Whole: A Creative Practice Screenwriting Exploration of Female Character, 27 Oct 2023, The Dukes, Lancaster
  • Screenwriting Research Network Conference: Gender and the Female Gaze, The Grove: An Exploration of Female Archetypes in Folk Horror, 20 Sep 2023, Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri, USA
  • Disruptive Imaginations: Science Fiction Research Association Annual Conference, Hybrid Genres, Disruptive practice: Blurring Boundaries of Science Fiction and Folk Horror in screenplay adaptation of The Great God Pan, 15 Aug 2023, TU Dresden
  • Screenwriting Research Network 14th Annual Conference - Globalizing Screenwriting, Practice Based/Led Working Group – Table Read Panel - A Meeting: AI-Assisted Screenplay Generation, 21 Sep 2022, University of Vienna - Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies
  • Screenwriting Research Network Conference: Pushing Boundaries, :Hybrid genres, hybrid practice: merging folk horror with artificial intelligence., 31 Aug 2021, Virtual - Oxford Brookes
  • CONTEMPORARY FOLK HORROR IN FILM AND MEDIA CONFERENCE, Trees Turning into People and People Turning into Trees: An exploration of folk horror adaptation in Standing Woman, 29 Jan 2021, Leeds Beckett University - Online
  • Screen Narratives: Order and Chaos 12th Screenwriting Research Network (SRN) International Conference, Lost or Found in Translation: Negotiating the Adaptation Process between Japanese Short Story to British Short Film., 12 Sep 2019, School of Arts, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Porto
  • Folk Horror in the 21st Century, Adapting The Great God Pan: Exploring Folk Horror through Creative Practice, 05 Sep 2019, Falmouth University
  • Writing for Cinema; Writing for Tv: 11th International Conference of the Screenwriting Research Network (SRN), Cyborg Screenwriters and Posthuman Screenplays, 13 Sep 2018, UNIVERSITÀ CATTOLICA DEL SACRO CUORE, Milan
  • Imagining the History of the Future: Unsettling Scientific Stories, Lure of the Past: The Influence of Twentieth Century Science Fiction on my Creative Practice Film Terminal., 27 Mar 2018, University of York
  • Artificial Lives: Imagining Life, Enhancing Life, Engineering Life, Robots Do Not Have Feelings, or Do They? Exploring Emotional Awakening through Creative Practice, 01 Dec 2017, University of Sussex
  • Hardboiled History: A Noir Lens on America's Past, Not so Damned Dames: How Posthuman Noir subverts traditional film noir tropes in Ex_Machina, 19 May 2017, University of Warwick
  • BAFTSS Conference, Creating Posthuman Noir: Exploring Definers of the ‘Human’ Through Genre and Creative Practice., 20 Apr 2017, University of Bristol
  • Current Research in Speculative Fiction Conference, "If something stinks put a lid on it, don’t see it": Self-censorship and the brave new world of Psycho Pass., 27 Jun 2016, University of Liverpool
  • Screenwriting Research Network Conference, Contemporary Japanese Screenwriting: Reflections on interviews conducted under the JSPS summer research fellowship., 10 Sep 2015, Senate House, University of London
  • Current Research in Speculative Fiction Conference, Redrawing what it is to be Human: How posthuman characters rediscover their humanity through unreliability in Tensai Okamura’s Darker Than Black., 20 Jun 2014, Gateway Conference Centre, Liverpool (organised by University of Liverpool)
  • Postgraduate Symposium, Department of Theatre, Film and Television - Exploring Conceptual and Creative Practices in Theatre, Film and Television, The Creative Process in Adaptation: Investigating Ian Watson’s unproduced A.I: Artificial Intelligence scenes., 02 Jun 2014, University of York


  • PG CERT in PG CERT - Higher Education Practice (Bournemouth University, 2019)
  • PhD in Creative Practice in Screenwriting (University of York, 2018)
  • MFA in Creative Writing & Writing for the Performing Arts (University of California, Riverside, Palm Desert Graduate Center, 2010)


  • April Edition Gold for Best Short Sci-Fi Film, Best Writer - Terminal (Queen Palm International Film Festival, 2019)
  • Best Short Film - Terminal (Starburst International Film Festival, 2019)


  • Science Fiction Research Association, Member (2023-),
  • Science Fiction Research Association, Member (2023-),


  • Leader of the Screenwriting Research Network Practice Based/Led Working Group from 2018 to Present day - This group is a place for members who are involved in practice based/led research around the screenplay to share experience, methodology and approaches. As academic forums develop for creative practice films, the screenplay, continues to be rarely published or seen; it occupies a liminal status somewhere between screen studies and creative writing studies.