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Dr Keith Parry

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Dr Keith D. Parry is Deputy Head of Department in the Department of Sport and Event Management at Bournemouth University and an Adjunct Fellow of Western Sydney University. His research interests are primarily focused on identity, sport and in/exclusion and how both traditional and newer, online media formats are used to present and discuss these subjects. He is positioned at the intersection of sports organisations and sport consumers, frequently using a variety of online/netnographic methods to examine the influence of media formats on the latter and the ability for consumers to shape discussions related to sport. His recent research has focussed on media coverage and framing of a variety of topics such as LGBT inclusivity, women’s football, concussion in association football and rugby, and racism

He has published widely in leading journals such as Sport in Society, Communication & Sport and International Review for the Sociology of Sport, and has contributed to a number of key edited texts in this area, such as Routledge International Handbook on Sport Fans and Fandom and Handbook of Masculinity and Sport...


Journal Articles


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Internet Publications


  • Parry, K.D., 2017. The bad, the good, and the ugly: the formation of heroes within the setting of a new sports team.



  • Informal ‘pickup’ sport, social inclusion and urban green space policy (Research England, 02 Dec 2019). Completed
  • Informal ‘pickup’ sport, social inclusion and urban green space policy (Research England, 02 Dec 2019). Completed
  • Evaluation of Football Federation of Australia Multicultural Settlement Program (Football Federation Australia, 01 Feb 2018). Completed
  • Developing Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Trans + (LGBT+) Inclusive Supporter Groups (Cricket Victoria, 14 Jan 2018). Completed
  • Stadium Precinct Research Project (Populous, 01 Mar 2017). Completed
  • Improving health and wellness through Rugby League (Bulldogs Rugby League Club, 01 Feb 2017). Completed
  • Bulldogs EOI response NSW NRL Centres of Excellence Program (Bulldogs Rugby League Club, 23 Nov 2016). Completed

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  • Telling the Story of Sport: Narrating Sport in a Global Context, National identity, myth and sports heroes, 21 Sep 2020, Bristol / Online

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